Expanded Bushing in metallic parts

Expanded bushing (EB) simultaneously coldworks the material around the hole, and provides a high interference fit

Expanded bushing offers several advantages :

  • Improved Fatigue Life
  • Fatigue life superior to press or shrink fit installations
  • One-Sided Operation
  • Process accomplished within seconds
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Protective coatings are not damaged during installation
  • High Torque and Pushout Resistance
  • Greater resistance to rotation and pushout compared to conventional installation methods
  • Installation is Safer and Quicker
  • Cryogenic fluid not required

Expanded bushings can be used for most bushing installations. Bushings are available in a number of materials and configurations:


  • Large range of Bushing inside diameter : from 10mm to more than 100 mm
  • Bushing geometry : Straight and flanged - Lube grooves and holes
  • Bushing material: Bronze, Titanium, Steels, Beryllium-copper, Aluminium, Nickel...
  • Parent material: Aluminum, Steel, Titanium...

Contact CAPAERO for assistance with your specific application requirements.

Anti-fretting coating

CAPAERO is able to design bushings with an anti-fretting coating (Greencoat). This is widely used on helicopter applications.

anti fretting coating

Expanded bushing step by step

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