Expanded Bonded Bushing (EB²)

Expanded Bonded Bushing produces fretting and adhesive load tranfer. It improve the assembly performance and the installation process.

EB² bushings are coated during manufacturing with a micro-encapsuled adhesive. During the installation, the process is very simple: bushing is sliped on a mandrel and coldexpanded into the hole. Both fretting and adhesive provide a high performance load transfer between the bushing and the composite pannel.

Expanded Bonded Bushing process

We propose a full package from design and stress calculation to bushing installation. The EB² (Expanded Bonded Bushing) with the encapsuled adhesive:

  • has a high resistance to torque and push-out
  • Increase in load transfer allowable for composite material
  • can be with straight or flanged bushing
  • can use any material
  • Ease installation (No manual adhesive coating)
  • is an optimized and repetitive process
  • reduces operator skilled level
  • doesn't required adhesive stocking

Play the video : FEA simulation  Play the video : EB² Expansion

Expanded bonded bushing performance improvement
Expanded Bonded bushing installation
Expanded bonded bushing
Expanded bonded bushing
Expanded bonded bushing
Expanded bonded bushing

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